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I love reading - I have since I was a kid. I love books: the look of them, the feel, and the riches they have brought to my life. I love writers: They are our storytellers, the vessels of our culture, the recorders of our times, and the guardians of our history. And I have found great personal joy and professional fulfillment in helping writers focus their work, refine their stories, and amplify their messages.

My professional editing and writing life began in the mid-1980s, during my 25+ years in the music and video businesses; my work then involved everything from crafting one-line catalogue copy to writing and editing packaging and marketing copy and product catalogues. In the early 1990s, I turned to longer-form writing, and by the time I returned to the music business in the mid-90s, my first mystery novel was done. Starting in 1995, four of my novels were published in the U. S. and the U.K. (and they are now available as eBooks here).

After 2000, my attention focused on editing, and I have developed a great appreciation for working with both non-fiction and fiction writers. I strongly believe that the importance of storytelling carries equal weight in both forms. I have been told by writers on both sides of the fiction/non-fiction divide that my overdeveloped sense of chronology has been very helpful.

While most of my work has been on book-length manuscripts, I also produced and provided additional editing for Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy for over a decade. Movie Crazy was a quarterly newsletter from the nation's premiere film historian (and critic) created for people like him who love movies – especially movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

For many writers, my most significant contribution has been not in critiquing what’s on the page, but sharing my opinion of what’s missing in a manuscript. In fiction, that can be in character development, resolution of plot points, or a number of other things. In non-fiction, that can be whole gaps in logical points or conclusions that don’t hold up.

The factor that contributes to this ‘what’s missing?’ element is frequently good quality research. Working on my own novels, I’ve researched everything from the efficacy of poisons, the optimum techniques for forging ancient artifacts, to currency manipulation and the development of U.S. retailing in the early 20th century. For other writers, I’ve traced the origins and development of folk tales, researched the origins of the Hollywood blacklist, and created timelines interweaving fictional and historical events.

My entry into the book design area began several years ago on a rescue mission for a few books that were already at the printer - but the delivered files couldn't be used. At that time, I had almost 20 years experience with PageMaker software: creating newsletters, designing ads, creating layouts for advertising concepts and packaging design, plus catalogues, sales sheets and other marketing materials. With the move to InDesign software a few years ago, many more tools are available to me for book design purposes, including easy conversion to various eBook formats. Given that my fascination with fonts - including an extensive library of them - even extends to books on the derivation of the letters of our alphabet, I have found that applying these skills to book design has given me another way to demonstrate my love of books and the written word.

If you would like more information on any of the projects mentioned on the website, or if you have any questions regarding my services, you can contact me by using the form below.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.


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